Sauna J


Sauna J closed his doors on oktober 12, 2011 after the mayor of the village's decission, and after the firedepartment and the heatlth organisation gave a negative advice of the wellnesscentre. Also the city planning service demanded a partial end of exploitation because of not being in order with health and building regulations...

The owner, Roger P. had thousands of euros invested trying to solve the problems, but after a visit from official offices they find that it was no longer possible to keep the centre open.

It had to close, whatever the cost....

Five weeks after a forced closure of sauna J it became really quite around the complex. The costumers still receive leaflets and if you called them you get a machine saying the centre is closed temporarily for maintenance.

This was very annoying for some costumers who visited the centre for years...

After the placement of emergency exits and the adaption on a double doo,r the owner Roger P. had to try to regulate a big building offence of the large swimmingpool outside...and get a building permit for the veranda with several sauna's and baths.

Also a women got severe burns when she fell a sleep on a tanning bed. There was a problem with the timer and the owner was sued for negligence.

The opposition of the village Herselt, who often complained about the situation of the sauna, reacted very satisfied because of the closure.

"The closure had to be a lot sooner" said city councilor Erwin Raets....

Sauna J (sauna Joma) was demolished in september 2015.



You can find the full serie of Sauna J here:

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