Welcome to the website of the FB group TeamUrbex

Urban exploring or short urbex is photography in and around abandoned houses, factory's, churches, castles..... 

The big difference  with breaking in is that nothing is stolen or damaged, you are on dangerous terrain and on somebody else his property.

It can be very dangerous because a lot of buildings are abandoned for years, you need to climb and there is always a possibility of collapsing buildings or floors.

That's why it's always recommended to go on an urbextrip with 2 persons.

So in case you get in trouble the other person can help you or get help, in the old building the stairs and floors are rotten and the stairs can have no railing....

Therefore take always care and be cautious when you enter an abandoned building.

The decay and abandonment give the "beauty" to your pictures and of course the adventurous  and adrenaline are the best parts of urban exploring.

But the main rule still stands....

Take nothing but pictures....leave nothing but footprints


To protect the locations against thieves, burglars and vandals all names are replaced by serial numbers